What is website maintenance and how to do it in 6 steps?

Website maintenance focuses on guaranteeing that they are correctly optimized, without errors or problems loading images, texts or files; as well as correct errors that it may present.

Like a mobile phone, where from time to time the operating system, applications, security patches are updated; In this same way, there are components on your website that must be updated to guarantee its correct functioning and security.

When we have a self-managing website, that is, we can manage the content through a platform such as WordPress, we must carry out a series of maintenance tasks that will help us take care of our health and guarantee safety.

The maintenance of web pages focuses on guaranteeing that they are correctly optimized, without errors or problems loading images, texts or files; as well as correct errors that it may present.

What is then website maintenance?

They are all the actions that we carry out on our web pages to prevent and correct errors that may occur, which affect the display, loading, speed, security and the complete performance of the website and in this way prevent it from deteriorating as it happens time.

Website Maintenance

The main failures that appear on your website when doing maintenance can be:

  • Errors Related to the database of the web page.
  • Slowdown when loading the website due to lack of updates to the components used in its development such as plugins and the platform itself where your website is made, example: WordPress.
  • Problems related to unofficial or discontinued plugins.
  • Alterations of php function.
  • Use of obsolete technologies or platforms.
  • Web elements that are not displayed as they should.

Among other more complex errors that can occur. We currently live in an era in which electronic commerce is increasing rapidly, and people are increasingly checking the Internet when making decisions to make a purchase or hire a service; For this reason, it is vital that your website can be 100% functional and also that it offers security to your customers.

Sometimes we do not have the knowledge or the time necessary to dedicate ourselves regularly to maintaining our web pages, in these circumstances hiring a professional will help us avoid bad times and dissatisfied customers.

At H&H Express we offer you the possibility of working together with a team of experts who will guarantee that the safety and health of your website is 100% functional 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Mantenimiento De Paginas Web / Website Maintenance

How often should I perform website maintenance?

You will be able to see endless opinions regarding this topic, and each expert will have a different one; however, at H&H Express we recommend that you carry out maintenance at least once a week, this will allow you to be aware of any security alerts or performance alerts, update notifications, web threat alerts, among other factors that we will discuss below.

Now yes, we are going to delve a little deeper into those actions that are vital to carry out when carrying out maintenance on our website:

1. Check for updates.

As we mentioned before, the updates help us to strengthen the security of our website, in addition to preventing errors, so we recommend that you check for new updates during the maintenance of web pages so that you guarantee that all the components of your page website are up to date.

2. Performs a cleanup and optimization of the database.

The database of a website can fill up with elements that are no longer necessary, especially if we have made changes within it, so we recommend that you perform a deep cleaning of your database; this will help your website load faster and more efficiently.

3. Make a backup of your website.

We recommend you make a backup copy of your website at least once a month, this will allow you to have a backup of all the information in a safe place, and you can use it in case you have any errors or inconveniences, if you want to migrate your website to another server, if you made any changes that you want to revert and you can no longer do it on the current website, among other uses that we can give to our backup copy.

4. Cache cleaning.

To provide your customers with a good user experience, we must focus not only on the design but also on the loading speed of a web page, currently internet users expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less. Has it happened to you that you are looking for something on the internet, you enter a website and it takes time to open and you prefer to go out and consult another? The same will happen to users who visit your website if your loading time is slow.

Many times to speed up this load time, a cache is used. It is a memory that is generated from your website in your user’s browser; However, something curious happens, when you make changes to your website, whether they are modifications or the creation of new content, it will not be shown to your user because the memory stored in their browser will load a previous version of your website.

In these cases it is very important that if we make use of the cache we can also clean it periodically, and thus allow our users to view the current version of our website.

5. Cleanup of components, spam comments and content you no longer use.

All the content that is loaded to a website contributes a percentage of weight to the total, and this total weight of the website directly influences the loading speed that our web pages will have, for this reason we recommend carrying out a deep cleaning of all the elements that are not part of your website and that have been used only at a certain time.

In this case we are talking about images that have been used but have already been replaced, video or multimedia content that is no longer in use, comments on your blog posts that are in spam; additionally, remove all themes and plugins that you are no longer using, it is super important that you perform this action during web page maintenance.

6. Verification of links during the maintenance of web pages

Do a quick check of all the links present on your website and confirm that each one of them works correctly, remember that a broken link, that is to say that it does not work or does not take us to the expected site, not only affects the user experience for not find what you are looking for but penalizes us with Google and affects the positioning.


website maintenance may not be a topic that is not very important for those who are unaware of all the problems that can be generated, but always remember that just like your phone fails and stops working if you neglect it, stop updating your phone. system, applications and to clean up your memory; in the same way it will happen with your website, if you do not give it the necessary attention.

We know that sometimes you do not have the time to dedicate yourself to this task, but you can hire a professional on the subject to help you keep your website 100% functional, remember that a secure website that generates a satisfactory user experience It is what will allow your company or business to remain at the forefront of the market.

Website maintenance is not just about clicking and applying an update, we have

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