The best product description to sell more in just 4 steps

A good description of products within your online store should aim to attract the attention of your visitors to convert them into customers.

The description of a product is a key piece at the moment in which your client makes the decision to buy or not your product or service, at this point the greatest number of abandonments occurs in a purchase, below we will teach you how to create effective descriptions so that your sales are boosted.

Surely you have thought that the description of a product is only based on placing a list of features and resources, but it is more than that, through the description of your products or services you must help your customers understand that your product is the best solution that they are looking for, in addition to strengthening the authority of your online store.

A good product description will also help you raise a few points in your positioning in Google, which is good within your SEO strategy.

A good description within your online store should aim to attract the attention of your visitors to convert them into customers, the more attractive it is, the more opportunity it will have to attract a greater number of people.

Do you want to start writing impressive descriptions that increase sales within your online store? I invite you to go ahead and make the most of this post so that your descriptions go to another level!

What is a product description?

A product description within an online store is the way you use to teach, inform and convince your customers that the product or service they are looking at is exactly what they need. In addition, they transmit the values of your brand, and guide the user until the purchase.

You must highlight the benefits and characteristics of the product or service, in addition to offering the customer the necessary information to make the decision to purchase it, it is important that at this point you can highlight your products and services so that your customers want to press the purchase button , but without exaggerating what you are really offering, because this can lead you to end up with a dissatisfied customer.

That is why a good product description should answer the following questions:

What is the product/service?

What is it made of, where does it come from/ what does it offer?

What makes it different from other products/services?

How should you use the product/ how will the service be performed?

What problems does your product/service solve?

Product Description - The Best Product Description To Sell More In Just 4 Steps

Why is a good product description important?

Product descriptions offer you two great benefits, which you should take full advantage of in your online store:

1. Increase the sales of your online store:

Just like a salesperson can offer excellent customer service in a physical store and help you understand that buying that product will help you solve that problem you are having, or simply manage to convince you to make the decision to buy the product; the product description acts in the same way, it is that seller who will be there in your online store to give all the necessary information and get the customer to make the decision to buy your product or service, understanding what they need at this time to solve your problem.

An interesting and original text speaks of professionalism, it is an opportunity to show that your brand is committed to offering quality and safety that allow you to add value to the lives of your customers.

Remember that one of the main reasons why online purchases are abandoned is due to mistrust. So your product descriptions are an excellent opportunity to build trust and connect with your audience.

2. Boost the positioning of your online store in Google:

Placing a good product or service description within your online store will allow you to use keywords, and also will help search engines to know what your online store is about, which will allow them to place your products on the related searches that your customers make on the web.

Now that you understand the potential of your product descriptions, let’s get the most out of them:

What MUST have the description of your products?

1. Manufacturing:

It is vital to make known what the product is made of or in the case of services, what includes what you are offering.

Making known the details of manufacture and origin of the product can increase the confidence of your customers to guide them to the purchase.

2. Detail the measurements

Knowing exactly sizes and dimensions is crucial for your clients, this applies to any type of business, food, textiles, household appliances, in the case of service we are talking about duration.

Imagine buying a hamburger for an adult without knowing that it’s a children’s menu, or buying a bed that doesn’t fit in your room, crazy right?

Ask your suppliers for complete information, so that you can clarify all these doubts to your customers in the description of your products, so that they can understand that your product is exactly what they were looking for.

3. Write accurately

The information in your description is as important as precision, it is useless to write two or three paragraphs that do not attract the attention of your customers and end up leaving the store without reading anything you wrote.

Write for a client in a hurry, people currently browse the internet quickly, if they enter a website and do not get something to catch their attention in less than 3 seconds, they abandon it.

For this reason it is super important that you write the descriptions of your products with intention, using hierarchies in the texts (titles and subtitles), bold, bulleted lists, use of icons, so that you can guide the user’s view, get their attention and who is interested in knowing more about your product or service.

You will then wonder how to write the descriptions of the products of my online store? Here we bring you:

4 Tips for Writing a Powerful Product Description

To sell and seduce your customers with your products or services, you must first fall in love with them, get to know them and be convinced that it really is the solution to the problem that your customers are having.

Once you’re fully involved with your product or service, it’s time to start:

1. Know the person you are selling the product or service to

It is very important that you know your ideal client, who you are selling to, but surely you have created your product/service with that in mind.

So we would just like to remind you that whenever you write within your online store, social network or medium that you use to sell, you must do it for that ideal client and not for just anyone.

When you write for someone specific, that person is identified with your information and it is at that moment when they click “add to cart” and you achieve your sale.

2. Use Keywords

Keywords are those terms that your ideal client uses to search for your products, but be careful at this point, remember that you write for your client and not for a robot, so you must include these words naturally within your description, Get creative and start distributing your keywords organically so that your content appears in your customers’ searches.

3. Tell a story

Think about your client, a generic description is simply one more of the bunch, it does not have a specific objective, it does not connect with the client.

Knowing your audience gives you the advantage of speaking their language, this will help you create compelling, relevant and interesting descriptions for your client.

The description of the product, in addition to talking about the characteristics of your products/services, must have the ability to talk about the reality of your customers, their problem and demonstrate that the solution that you offer them is what they need, it is to connect to their emotions. and guide them in the purchase process.

A leading brand in consumer research Nielsen, came to the conclusion that emotions are a determining factor in the success of any brand.

It is these emotional aspects that you must take advantage of to connect with your client from the moment they enter your online store until the final purchase process, and this can only be achieved through a story, movies are undoubtedly one of the great means of art to transmit emotions and it is because they tell a story.

Our products need to tell a story, show the customer how this product/service fits into their life and adds value. Be creative and original; but remember not to bore your client with long texts and without substance. Also, keep in mind that the use of mobile devices has increased in electronic commerce, so make sure that your texts are precise and forceful.

4. A satisfied customer is a powerful weapon

Surely you already use evaluation tools, comments and testimonials, it is powerful content that you can include in the descriptions of your products, did you know that?

Use your positive and even negative comments to add value to your descriptions, clearing up doubts, fears and enhancing the benefits of your products and letting your customer decide to make the purchase.

For example, if a customer tells you: “I was afraid that the blender would not be resistant to ice to make my shakes” you could write in your description: “Are you afraid that the blender would not withstand high ice contents or frozen fruit? With the new steel coupling motor, which is 4 times more resistant and durable, you will not have to worry about these details; It also has a highly impact resistant glass. ”

As I mentioned before, regardless of the market you are in, a good product or service description will boost your sales and create greater trust in your customers.

Get the most out of these tips, enhance the descriptions of your products and tell us how the process went, remember that:

Selling is not about the product, it is about the solution you can offer to your customers.

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